The Power of Motorcycle Ads in Brand Awareness

September 8, 2021
Ducaty 750 GT ad

We made a search of the best motorcycle commercials, the most emotional, crazy, extraordinary, and incredible. Whether it’s by showing a very sexy milf mom on a bike, or by showing a man that looks like he’s having the time of his life, or by showing a bike riding through Pikes Peak, there are some types of ads that have to stay in your memory for a lifetime. And in the motorcycle industry campaigns, it’s not different.

The world of advertising offers thousands of possibilities and ways to face the way in which brands want to reach customers. Along with sporting successes are the other great pillar that allows them to make themselves known to the public and that makes some try to give an extra twist to differentiate themselves.

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The main challenge for electric motorcycles – their range

September 4, 2021
Triumph TE-1

Many people are suspicious of the real range of electric motorcycles and they are right, although this data will only improve with the passage of time.

How is tested the real range of an electric motorcycle?
And are they already a feasible solution nowadays?

Note: this article will not be biased and it has no agenda of one particular company or product, but rather give examples on all kinds of different ones.

At the end of the article, we give an example of a new prototype of an electric motorcycle arriving in the market next months, just as a way to give a real-world example of what the future holds for electric bikes.

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Will MotoGP follow the same route as the F1 ban on Pit Babes?

June 16, 2021
Pit babes - MotoGP UK

They have put an end to champagne on the podiums of Formula 1, changing it for sparkling wine, this being another step that is slowly changing Formula 1 from the way many of us know it.
Ahead of the 18th of July Silverstone British GP, which is actually still to be decided if it will be held with the public or not, many of us will miss those gorgeous pit babes showing before and after the race.

F1 has been going several steps back. In 2018 it was the Pit Girls, now the champagne. But that tradition didn’t disappear from MotoGP, where pit babes are among the paddock before each race. And if nothing changes till August 20, when the British MotoGP will be held, pit babes will be around.

But happened for all this controversy around pit babes?

As has already happened in other motor racing categories, such as Moto GP, part of the fans complained to the organisers to show their disagreement with the role that the pit babes were playing at the Formula 1 circuits.

The origin of the controversy is clear, and it is evident how in the competitions these hostesses are shown as a merely aesthetic product that ‘adorns’ the starting track.

The elimination of pit babes

Liberty Media promised to study the situation and listen to all parties involved before making a decision. After doing so, it has opted for the definitive elimination of the grid girls, also known as pit babes. The choice was not an easy one, and critics have been quick to disagree.

There are many who argue that there were other, less extreme solutions that did not involve sending all these women to the dole. When the controversy erupted, they were the first to raise their voices to beg not to be prevented from doing the work that fed them.

The pit babes’ own opinions

Sandra, a former image hostess that nowadays is a pornstar at, has worked at the Montmeló Motorcycle Grand Prix. She makes this point before expressing her position on the eradication of female grid hostesses.

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One of the most stunning motorbike routes in the UK – Isle of Skye

June 13, 2021
empty road in Skye

Visiting the Isle of Skye has always projected onto us a magical feeling nurtured over the years by the many films, books and travel editions filmed by the untamed Scotland. And if, at first, when planning our trip to the United Kingdom, it crossed our minds to escape the tourist bustle that its notoriety gave it, we immediately concluded that we would never forgive ourselves for having been so close to it without visiting it.

We had to go to the island that everyone talks about. We had to go to the island that everyone visits when they get lost in Scotland. So, having just completed the route along the North Coast 500, one of Scotland’s most beautiful routes, the Isle of Skye became the next stage.

About the Isle of Skye

Skye in Scotland is a scenic island world renowned for its rugged landscapes around mountains and dramatic cliffs by the sea. With an island territory over 80 km long this is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides, the archipelago of the Scottish west coast, in which it is embedded.

Portree is the capital. A small, colourful coastal town perfectly nestled in a picturesque cove. Dunvengan, Uig, Edinbane and Staffin are the main villages to visit in the north of the island. In the south, Broadford, Armadale, Carbost, Elgol and Kyleakin are the small villages that stand out.

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Alpine region – a motorbike road trip paradise

April 22, 2021

Now that tourism is slowly coming back, motorcycle riders in UK can go across Europe and ride in some of the most scenic routes once again. One destination that is commonly chosen is France, specially the Alpine region and their gorgeous surrounding roads.

We were first astonished by the Apline region as a road trip route to try, after seeing a documentary of a new adult french website, called Le Bon porn, that documented a ride between a couple of actors that decided to go on a motorcycle ride when the quarantine period started in France. Riding their bike, filming some scenes and sleeping on their tents.

Alpine motorbike trip itinerary

Because a motorbike trip through the Alps can never be too much! No matter how many times you return to the grandiose mountain ranges that define the heart of Europe. There you will always find a new and stunning road to ride.

The Alpine region is the largest mountain range system in Europe, its highest point being Mont Blanc at over 4800m. They cross the borders of several countries and in each, their distinctive beauty calls for a great motorbike trip.

France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Slovenia are blessed with the most alpine expanse, touring them by motorbike is our goal.

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¿How does porn influence technology?

June 17, 2020
youporn site

At first sight it may seem that porn and technology are two things that have no direct relationship between them, but we can tell you that porn has been the anchor of most technological supports. In this article we will analyze where in the advance of technology porn has been essential to lay its foundations and we promise you will be surprised.

The Video Home System (VHS)

In the 1970s two formats were struggling to establish themselves as the king of home players: Betamax and VHS. Although Sony’s Betamax offered higher quality recordings, a tape could only hold up to 60 minutes of footage while the VHS came in at 3 hours. Thanks to VHS, people could record their favorite movies, including pornographic ones, of course. Sony decided that it did not want films for the over-18s to be recorded on its tapes so the battle was won, effortlessly, by the VHS.

Thus, in the late 1970s, porn accounted for 50% of the VHS tapes sold in the United States, which meant that many people were buying players en masse. If we count on the fact that at that time the price of a VHS player was around 800 euros, we have the reason why the VHS reached every home on the planet.

vhs porn movies


The Internet Age

This one will be very easy: if in 2001, there were around 70,000 porn pages and today more than 26 million, nobody has the slightest doubt that porn laid the foundations for the development of the Internet. For 12% of Internet websites are pornographic and every second that passes there are approximately 28,528 users connected to the Internet watching youporn. Other studies conducted by major US universities show that 25% of all searches on search engines are related to pornography and 35% of all downloads from the Internet are pornographic.

youporn site


It is obvious the influence of pornography in the technology industry in these times when it is already possible to see your favorite porn stars in virtual reality thanks to VR display devices, now also haptic technologies are being developed that would be something like virtual reality for the touch. With suits designed for this type of technology we can perceive virtual sensations, as the Huggies diaper brand did, with a belt that allowed men to feel the kicks of a baby during pregnancy. The future its here!

New kind of TikTok porn video apps

March 24, 2020
mobile phone in the bed

Since the beginning of this year, new porn video apps have been emerging trying to adapt and copy the major success of the TikTok social media app into the porn sector. Swipe porn was one of the first to establish and has been leading the way since then, proposing a multitude of short-term video staging from well-known pornstars to producers.

The timing couldn’t be better for this recent move as the new coronavirus pandemic recently obliged around 20% of the world’s population to be at home, with numbers being expected to increase in the coming weeks (or months). Whether you are used to watching porn alone on your mobile or together with your partner on larger screens, short-term porn video apps like Swyp are here to stay and to attract more and more users.

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Are visas required to travel within the European Union?

March 7, 2019

For those who are interested in knowing whether a visa is required to travel within the European Union, you should know that if you are looking to stay for a short period of time not exceeding three months in a six-month period in a European Union country, this may mean that you do need one according to the nationality of the person and the regulations of that country.

In any case, it must be borne in mind that citizens of certain countries who visit the European Union for a short time can benefit from a particular regulation that now exists of visas or accelerated procedures in which no visa is required.

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