La problemática de algunas estatuas

October 1, 2018

Ciudad del Cabo fue la primera. En marzo de 2015, un estudiante llamado Chumani Maxwele trajo un cubo lleno de mierda a la Universidad de Ciudad del Cabo, donde había una estatua de Cecil Rhodes, el magnate británico de los diamantes, político colonial y supremacista blanco declarado. “Aquí no hay historia colectiva, ¿dónde están nuestros héroes y antepasados?” Maxwele anunció. Salpicó el contenido del cubo sobre el monumento.

El incidente atrajo la atención nacional y en pocos días se había convertido en una protesta a gran escala. Los estudiantes cubrieron la estatua de Rodas con graffiti y bolsas de plástico, y prometieron manifestarse hasta que fuera retirada. La estatua ya había sido objeto de críticas anteriormente, pero ninguna de ellas había sido sostenida por la ira, a pesar de que no había duda de lo que representaba el monumento de Rodas. Erigida en 1934, ocupaba el centro mismo del campus, la Rodas de bronce que contemplaba la ciudad como si contemplara la creación: la suya y, quizás, la de Dios.

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Best gear box manufacturers

February 22, 2018

Speed reducers are used to control and vary the revolutions per minute (rpm) of electric motors, as in most industrial processes the motor speeds are too high. The use of speed reducers gives us a smaller number of output rpm, but without significantly decreasing power, safely and effectively increasing torque. As we described earlier, electric motors could be defined as the heart of the industry, if we base ourselves on this mention we can say that the speed reducers are those that regulate the rhythm and speed required in each production process.

The gearboxes are designed based on gears, circular and toothed mechanisms with special geometries according to their size and function in each motor. But basically, a speed reducer is a transmission system characterized because its output speed is lower than the input speed. Kelvin gear box is one of the safest bets on this department.

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Possible dangers of riding a motorbike

February 19, 2018

A “good motorcyclist” can possess many skills, such as perfectly controlling the bike at low speed, taking fast and precise turns, avoiding obstacles and braking with near-mechanical precision. The good motorcyclist can also drive without flying on the track and anticipate risks as if he had a sixth sense, avoiding completely (or at least to a large extent) compromising situations and clearly dangerous.

In reality, the definition and capabilities of a “good motorcyclist” can be quite open to debate; however, what is indisputable is that this Motocyclist will be characterized by a strong desire and motivation to reduce the overall risk to which he is exposed by the mere fact of riding on the bike and starting to ride. Constant practice and a positive attitude are of enormous help, but above all, what differentiates the Superior Motorcyclist from the average, from those who don’t wear protective accessories, who walk the helmet wrongly worn, send messages by cell phone and generally being clever, is a strategy carefully designed and bulletproof to avoid problems of any kind.

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How to choose insurance for your motorbike

January 17, 2018

Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance is also mandatory. Motorcycle insurance covers the civil liability of the owner and the driver – if not the same person – for damages and injuries caused to third parties. In this kind of situation, you should also rely on a company lawyer barcelona, because experience is crucial to avoid problems and surprises.

Before taking out motorcycle insurance online, take a look at these tips below. It is very important that you hire all the coverages you need, without leaving any, because if you have an accident the company may not pay you compensation.

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Can you ride a bike when you are pregnant?

January 17, 2018

When we are expecting a baby, the questions multiply about what we can do and what is completely forbidden by the health of the child on the way and the health of the mother-to-be. One of the issues that always cause controversy is physical exercise, to what extent can you do sports during pregnancy? And furthermore, the debate on those activities that require physical effort but which we do not consider sports, but leisure activities. Among them is the bicycle, because there are opinions of all kinds about whether or not to ride a bicycle during pregnancy.

To begin with, we must bear in mind that no pregnancy is the same as any other, and that although there are general dangers that can affect the foetus, it is also true that depending on the health of the mother and her physique, it will be able to move during pregnancy. In addition, depending on how the process goes and the volume of the belly, you can decide how long you want to ride your bike. The last word must be taken by each woman’s personal physician, who will be consulted on a case-by-case basis.

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Cómo limpiar las manchas de barro

December 30, 2017

Sin lugar a dudas, las manchas en la ropa pueden convertirse en muy poco tiempo en algo muy preocupante de quitar y que incluso puede parecer en algún momento que se trata de un procedimiento imposible, más allá de los productos que se estén utilizando.

Además de lo anterior, hay que tener en cuenta que limpiar las manchas de barro es una situación a la que cualquiera de nosotros se puede enfrentar en algún momento en la vida sin necesidad de ir a una tintoreria barcelona, particularmente si los hijos se encuentran en un paseo o en circunstancias que pueden involucrar esta clase de situación.

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Routes to do with your couple

December 21, 2017
bike therapy

Cycling is one of the most fun physical activities, as it allows you to exercise your body while enjoying different landscapes. Although some people prefer not to use this vehicle in the city because of the risks involved and the high level of urban pollution, taking a trip to the countryside or the mountains with a bicycle is an excellent plan for any time of the year.

In addition, it can be practiced as a couple or as a family, so that it becomes a collective activity that can contribute to the cohesion between its participants. Without a doubt, those who are thinking of opting for couples therapy can try a couple of bike rides first, as it is cheaper and allows them to get out of the routine, one of the great evils of couples.

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¿Cómo ayuda un abogado en los accidentes laborales?

December 14, 2017

En caso que usted haya sufrido de un accidente laboral o uno de sus cercanos haya pasado por una circunstancia de esta clase, hay que saber desde el inicio que todos pueden y deberían solicitar la ayuda de abogados laboralistas con experiencia en esta clase de procesos, para así recibir ayuda profesional.

Esta es una decisión clave porque las personas tienden a desconocer la Ley y por lo tanto sus derechos. Un ejemplo claro de lo anterior es que en California es ilegal que un empleado sea despedido por sufrir un accidente de trabajo, pero al respecto no se habla mucho.

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